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Within the walls of Rutledge Sanctuary festers a living darkness, harboring a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Inside the stone walls and peculiar floor designs walk the shadows of former patients, doctors, and mere passersby. Strange creatures and deformed beasts lurk; where have they come from? What has happened here is unclear. Ghosts and specters haunt the corridors, combining and growing in the saturation of the supernatural.

Yet it is within this place that Daughter confronts her nightmares to seek her Mother, her life's only remaining warmth and comfort. But at what cost?

Follow Daughter as she discovers what it means to be alive, confront the mysteries of the afterlife, the supernatural, and face the deepest darkness of mankind and his cruelties.

Game Features:

  • Crisp pixel graphics with both cute and creepy aesthetic.
  • Unique and original monster and ghost design.
  • Deep and disturbing lore, pieced together by documents, NPCs, and all sorts of tidbits filling each floor.
  • Quirky NPC's with original designs, dialogue options, and unique questlines.
  • Boss entity encounters.  (Planned)
  • Original theme song and ambiences.
  • Progression-based encounters: each successive floor presents some new threat or challenge to the player.
  • Multiple game endings depending on player choices. (Planned)

This demo of the game is released for Kickstarter support.  The Kickstarter to fund full development begins on 2/1/2020!  Check here for updates!  The demo is available here and will be available on Steam soon.

You can support the creator of the game on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/mirichan

Check out the MITY Youtube Channel! There's not much there yet, but it will slowly fill up with all kinds of MITY content. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC568xwMLBa8BH-94Taf4pOg

Or join the Discord server and follow development and chat about the game: https://discord.gg/7C7UzfT

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it.  Run MITY_DEMO.exe to play the demo.

Screenshots are saved into the Local Appdata folder for your user on the (C:) drive under MOTHERSTUDIO2Definitive.

There is no pause.


MITY Kickstarter Demo 107 MB

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