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Within the walls of Rutledge Sanctuary festers a living darkness, harboring a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Inside the stone walls and peculiar floor designs walk the shadows of former patients, doctors, and mere passersby. Strange creatures and deformed beasts lurk; where have they come from? What has happened here is unclear. Ghosts and specters haunt the corridors, combining and growing in the saturation of the supernatural.

Yet it is within this place that Daughter confronts her nightmares to seek her Mother, her life's only warmth and comfort. But at what cost?

This is the updated HALLOWEEN 2017 DEMO.  The old, buggy, laggy, badly sprited GM8 demo is no longer available here.  Full version in development.  As of this point, the first floors in the Halloween Demo and the secret floor are finalized.  They will not go through any more core changes.

If you make a play through video, or series, I'd love to check it out!  With this sort of game, reactions are pretty great to see.

Feedback and suggestions welcome in the board below.   Check in the message boards below for updates regarding 1.0.  Or, even better, join the Discord server!  Links and contact info are in the discussion board below.

Install instructions

Use the packaged installer to install the game.
Your antivirus software may not recognize the game file.


MITY Halloween 2017 Demo.exe 112 MB